Why Latisse is Better than Eyelash Extensions

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Why Latisse is Better than Eyelash Extensions

Latisse received the FDA approval in 2009. Now it is hot news in the cosmetic and beauty industries. Latisse is the only prescription medication for eyelash treatment. This medication improves the density and length of the client’s eyelashes. With eyelash extensions, the client has to see a technician once every 2-3 weeks. Find out why Latisse is better than eyelash extensions.

It’s FDA-Approved

Latisse was created by Allergan, a popular pharmaceutical company. Allergan is the same company that produces Botox and Juvederm. The generic name of Latisse is bimatoprost, which is a medication used to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension, (two eye problems). Users of bimatoprost notice that the eyelashes grew long and thick after using the medication for eye problems. After the discovery, Allergan received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the use of bimatoprost for enhancing eyelashes.

Works at the Root of the Lash

Eyelash extensions are glued onto the lash, whereas Latisse is a solution applied to the lash line. Latisse works by binding to the eyelash shaft and root, and it builds up the lashes during the hair growth phase. Latisse prolongs the eyelash growth phase, so lashes grow long and thick.

It is Prescription Only

Eyelash extensions can be applied by anyone. Latisse can only be prescribed by a licensed health professional. Latisse is approved to treat hypotrichosis (thinning hair or lashes). The bimatoprost works at the eyelash root, making the lashes thicker and stronger. In contrast, eyelash extensions fall off after a few weeks.

Easy Application

With eyelash extensions, you have to see a technician every 2-3 weeks. The appointment takes around 1-2 hours. Each lash must be individually applied to existing lashes. With Latisse, you only have to apply the solution once at bedtime. You simply use a soft-tipped applicator and rub the solution on the lash line.

More Cost Effective

With eyelash extensions, you must go to the beauty facility every 2-3 weeks for fill-ins. The initial application costs between $80-$300, depending on the site. Then, fill-ins cost around $40-$100. With Latisse, you pay for one visit to the doctor and get prescriptions. Most health professionals will give you refills also. The visit cost is around $75, and the medication cost around $60. One bottle of Latisse can last for 2-3 months.

Fewer Risks

The risks associated with eyelash extensions include allergic reaction, pain, itching, and skin irritation. In addition, eyelash extensions can damage the eyelashes, leaving them broken and sparse. With Latisse, side effects are rare, and there are no associated risks. While rare, Latisse risks include hyperpigmentation of the eyelids, dryness of the eyes, and minor itching. According to the Latisse website, there are no reported complications during initial clinical trials.

More Attractive

With eyelash extensions, the look is often dramatic and unrealistic. With Latisse, the eyelashes look natural, just thicker, darker, and longer than previous. Most Latisse clients report that their lashes look much like they did during their teenage years.

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