Six Inside Tips on Kicking The Sugar Habit

Chromium to your diet

Six Inside Tips on Kicking The Sugar Habit

It has been proven that sugar, especially too much of it, is very bad for our health, even if we do not suffer from diseases like diabetes. Science has proven that consuming sugar results in serious health issues and it can have a very negative effect in the long run, which is why it is important to reduce the amount of sugar we intake. However, this is something easier said than done as we are so used to consuming sugar (it is in everything from our food to our drinks).

Nonetheless, the sugar habit must be kicked if we are to be healthy and be around to delight in our growing grandchildren. Here are six very doable tips to accomplish that.

#1 – Add Chromium To Your Diet


If you take 200 mcg each day, your body will be aided in the regulation of blood glucose. Chromium helps to prevent the sugar surges that occur after a meal and the valleys that occur later in the day. Natural sources of chromium include brown rice, brain, whole grain, cereals, eggs and sea food.

#2 – Dilute Drinks


When you drink soda or juice, dilute it by removing half of the soda or juice and adding seltzer water instead. By doing this you immediately cut your sugar intake from that item in half. The seltzer has no calories and is very refreshing, so you won’t even miss the juice or soda that you’ve removed.

#3 – Do It With A Friend

Healthy Food With your friends

It always helps to share the load. If you have a friend that is interested in reducing their sugar intake as well, join forces and share meals. Trade tips and tricks that you’ve learned on your own and be cheerleaders for each other. Things are always better when they’re shared.

#4 – Don’t Deprive Yourself

Eat great foods. Go for the nuts, squash, fish, yogurt, lean meat, plus lots and lots of vegetables. Put some cheese on your broccoli; make a smoothie with spinach and green grapes! Really. It’s excellent!

#5 – Packaged Foods Are A No No

Say No To Packaged Food

Don’t keep them in the house, and don’t buy them. Make your own snacks. Make a smoothie, munch on nuts or carrots, buy oats and make your own hot oatmeal, eggs, toast and muffins. The processed foods that you find in the middle aisles of the grocery store are full of High Fructose Corn Syrup, which contain the worst kind of sugar you can eat.

$6 – Try The Two Week Rule

Try to go for two weeks without added sugar or sugary snacks. That means no donuts, no soda, no fruit drinks, no sugar on your cereal, and no sweet toppings. Substitute whole fruit for sugar to make your body think that it has had a dose of sugar. This is the last option because, even though it’s a good option, you should try the limiting or substituting options before going cold-turkey.

Use these simple rules to break that sugar habit and build a healthier you. You’ll be amazed at the way you feel and you’ll have armed yourself against vicious diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

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