How To Lose Stubborn Fat

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How To Lose Stubborn Fat

You are unable to lose fat and weight from some parts of your body, no matter how hard you exercise or how well you diet. The most stubborn among all these areas is the stomach and abdomen.

The best solution to lose such stubborn fat is medical weight loss, offered at leading health clinics, such as Live Skin in Phoenix. Here are the top reasons why medical weight loss is the best way to lose weight from stomach.


Medical weight loss uses HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that specifically targets the abnormal fat tissue – adipose. Stomach and other stubborn fat areas usually contain large amounts of adipose tissue. HCG releases this abnormal fat into the blood stream where it can be utilized without coming back.


HCG is naturally produced in the body of pregnant women to mobilize fat and nutrients for the fetus. That means HCG is good to be used in the human body without any risks or complications.


Medical weight loss program keeps you on a low calorie diet while mobilizing stubborn fat with the help of HCG. Fewer calories ensure that the mobilized fat is used by the body immediately and there is no loss of muscle mass, only undesired fat.

The above facts show that medical weight loss is a great way to lose fat from areas such as stomach and abdomen, which otherwise doesn’t respond to diets and exercise.

To know more about the best way to lose weight from stomach, call Live Skin at 602-586-1598.

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