FAQs on LATISSE Treatment in Arizona

FAQs on LATISSE Treatment in Arizona

LATISSE Treatment in Tempe and Phoenix AZ

LATISSE is a product that can give you thicker, fuller, and darker lashes in 2-4 weeks. Thinning lashes can occur with age, and many people have really light colored lashes. With LATISSE, you can have the lashes you always wanted.


What exactly is LATISSE?


Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), LATISSE is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution available in 0.03% by prescription. Made by Allergan, the producer of BOTOX Cosmetic, LATISSE was approved in 2009 for eyelash hypotrichosis, which is inability to grow eyelashes. LATISSE improves the thickness of the lashes, as well as lash length.


How do I use LATISSE?


LATISSE is easily to use. You simply apply it topically to the base of your upper eyelashes. Patients will start seeing results in 2-4 weeks, with final, full results noted after 16 weeks of use.


How do I get LATISSE?


When you see one of the Medspa health professionals, discuss your lash issues with him or her. LATISSE requires a consultation with one of our nurse practitioners before purchase.


How is LATISSE applied?


LATISSE contains bimatoprost (Lumigan), which is the drug used to treat glaucoma. Researchers discovered that LATISSE had eyelash enhancing properties by accident when several glaucoma patients reported eyelash growth following Lumigan treatments. While Lumigan is an eye drop solution, LATISSE is dabbed along the lash-line of the upper eyelids once a day. LATISSE spreads to the lower lash line when you blink, so don’t apply it there.


How does LATISSE work?


LATISSE works by lengthening the eyelash growth phase so the hairs are allowed to grow more. Every hair follicle of the body has a growth phase, and the length of time varies for each part of the body. The growth phase can also change over a person’s lifetime. By increasing the growth phase, hair follicles of the eyelashes grow for an extended amount of time, so they become thicker and longer.


How much LATISSE will I get with each prescription?


LATISSE is applied with sterile applicators, and 60 are included with the product. Each vial last around 30 days. Do not reuse the applicators.


How do I maintain my eyelashes?


After the eyelashes have grown for 3-4 months, you can maintain them by using the product every other day. LATISSE does not work in place of mascara, but when the lashes are full and thick, many women find they do not require mascara.


What happens if I stop using LATISSE?


LATISSE solution works by prolonging the eyelash growth phase. If you stop using LATISSE, your eyelashes are expected to return to their previous appearance within 4-8 weeks.


Who should NOT use LATISSE?


Before applying LATISSE, you should remove your contact lenses. Wait around 15-30 minutes before you reinsert the contact lenses. Do not use bimatoprost solution if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. In addition, pregnant women, people with skin infections of the eyes, or anyone with severe allergies should not use LATISSE.


What are the active ingredients in LATISSE?


Active ingredients in LATISSE include bimatoprost. The inactive ingredients include sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, citric acid, dibasic, sodium phosphate, and purified water.


What are the side effects of LATISSE?


If the bimatoprost gets onto the iris (colored eye part), increased brown pigmentation can occur. Side effects also include red eyes, itching of the eyes, and skin hyperpigmentation. In addition, LATISSE can promote hair growth on other skin areas if prolonged exposure occurs.

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