FAQs on Chemical Peels in Arizona

FAQs on Chemical Peels in Arizona

Chemical Peels in Tempe and Phoenix AZ


A chemical peel is a facial procedure used to rejuvenate the skin. The agents are applied to the skin, which leads to removal of layers over the next week or so. It takes around 30 minutes to apply a chemical peel, and these facial treatments vary in strength and agent.

Is a chemical peel painful?


In most cases, you can resume normal activities right after receiving the chemical peel. While there is no pain, most clients report a tingling sensation, which is followed by tenderness. After the peel is neutralized, the skin feels smooth and fresh, with only mild discomfort.


Can I go out in the sun after a chemical peel?


We recommend that you avoid the sun or tanning beds for a few days after the peel. The skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure or UV tanning rays.


How many chemical peels should I have?


The number of chemical peels required will depend on the extent of skin damage and wrinkling you experience. Most people get a chemical peel ever 4-8 weeks. For high concentrations of chemical peels, you should only be exposed short-term.


Will a chemical peel remove deep wrinkles and lines?


Because most chemical peels only penetrate into the top layer of the dermis, they will not remove deep lines and wrinkles. For these problems, laser resurfacing is required.


What types of agents are used for chemical peels?


The mildest of the chemical peels is alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which will remove a minimal layer of skin. Glycolic acid is considered a medium-grade peel. The strongest chemical peels are trichloracetic acid (TCA) and phenol, which are used to correct acne scarring and serious pigmentation problems.


What does a chemical peel consultation involve?


When you meet with the dermatologist or skincare specialist, he/she will perform an examination of your skin and ask you some questions. Depending on your evaluation, the doctor will recommend what type of peel would be best for you.


How is the chemical peel procedure done?


When you come to the Medspa, you will be positioned on the exam table. After the face is cleaned and toned to removed surface oils, the skincare consultant will apply the chemical to your skin using a large Q-tip applicator. After applying several layers of the agent, the skincare specialist will remove the solution with a neutralizing agent.


What should I expect after the chemical peel?


After the procedure, your face will be scabby, flaky, and red for around two weeks. A burn dressing may be used to bandage the treated skin. After a light peel, your face feels tight, is slightly pink, and sore like a sunburn. After a deeper peel, you will have 2-5 days of redness, tenderness, and weeping skin. After 1-2 weeks, the new skin appears slightly pink, and should be protected from the sun.


Are the results of a chemical peel permanent?


Everyone continues to age, regardless of your skin care regimen. However, a chemical peel will give you results that last up to six months. With regular treatments, and by taking care of your skin, you will enjoy the benefits of a chemical peel.


What are the side effects and risks associated with chemical peels?


If the acidic agent penetrates deeper than intended, there is a risk for a viral or bacterial infection of the skin. Other problems that could occur include hypopigmentation (light pale skin) and hyperpigmentation (excessive coloration). These problems are more common for darker-skinned persons.

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