Botox and Fillers for Men in Tempe AZ

Botox and Fillers for Men in Tempe AZ

Men are having to compete for jobs and stay in the workforce longer than decades ago. Because of increased pressures to look younger, many men are considering cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers.

What are the benefits of Botox for men?

Botox is used to treat migraine headaches, excessive sweating, facial asymmetry, and wrinkles. Many men prefer this Botox logonon-surgical method over a facelift, simply because of the lower cost, and the fact that there is no downtime. The main advantage of fillers and Botox for men is that they provide a natural look using minimally invasive measures.

Am I a candidate for Botox and dermal fillers?

Anyone wishing to enhance his appearance is a candidate for Botox and dermal fillers. People who will benefit from these cosmetic procedures are those with:

  • Wrinkles of the upper third of the face (forehead, between the eyes, and around the eyes).
  • Mild wrinkling of the face.
  • Frown lines.

What can I expect from Botox?

Men are prone to frown lines around the brow and upper face region, which is due to stress. Botox treatment involves injecting the botulinum toxin solution into dominant muscles that form expressions. The Botox solution relaxes the muscles, paralyzing them from forming lines and wrinkles. Because the toxin is a neuromodulator, it blocks the normal neurotransmission flow, causing muscles to not contract.

How do dermal fillers help?

canstockphoto42852599Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body. This substance plumps up the skin and makes it look young. As you age, you do not produce enough hyaluronic acid, so the skin sags, and creases form. Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, and the gel is used to smooth away nasolabial folds, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and plump up cheeks and the lip region.

How long will Botox and dermal fillers last?

The duration of effectiveness depends on how severe your problem is/was, and how many areas are treated. Generally, Botox injections last 3-4 months, whereas dermal fillers last 6-10 months.

Is the procedure safe?

Botox and dermal fillers are given using a tiny, fine needle, so there is little pain. Many dermal fillers also contain lidocaine, which numbs the treatment area during the procedure. Botox is proven to be very safe, with few side effects. Because hyaluronic acid is not animal-derived, there is little chance for allergic reaction. Botox can cause a temporary headache, and some people experience mild bruising at the injection sites.

How is the procedure done?Sign

When receiving Botox injections and dermal filler injections, you will first meet with the doctor for a consultation. During this visit, the doctor will take a medical history, ask questions about your medications, assess for allergies, and have you sign a consent form.

During the procedure, you are positioned on an exam table in a reclining position. The skin is cleaned using an antiseptic solution, and a small amount of topical anesthetic is applied. After 20 minutes, the doctor makes the injections.

How soon before I see results?

Some men have immediate results following Botox injections and dermal filler procedures. However, to enjoy the full effects, expect 1-2 weeks.

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