All About Eyelash Extensions


All About Eyelash Extensions

There are a dozen makeup tricks out there, but for women with sparse or short eyelashes, all those curlers and mascaras can get a little overwhelming. One ultra-effective and dramatic alternative to mascara is eyelash extensions. Applied one at a time, eyelash extensions add volume and length to your lashes. In addition, they can make lashes look darker. Find out the facts on eyelash extensions.

#1: There are Many Kinds of Lash Extensions

The three popular types of lash extensions are mink, synthetic, and silk. The kind you choose will depend on the thickness and length of your existing lashes. Consistently long lashes across the eye will give you the “showgirl” look, whereas longer ones on the outer lashes gives you the “cat eye” style.

#2: It is Important to have them Done by a Pro

The wrong eyelash extension technique can cause side effects of skin irritation, eye swelling, and loss of normal lashes. In addition, in the hands of an untrained person, you could end up with gaps or spaces between the lashes. It is very important that you have your eyelash extensions applied by a professional who has experience.

#3: The Patch Test is a Must

While rare, it is possible to have a reaction to the bonding glue used. The patch test is a simple procedure, where the technician applies a small amount of glue behind the ear. If no redness or swelling appears after 24-48 hours, you are good to go!

#4: Faster doesn’t mean Better

The eyelash extension application process is not quick, but this is a good thing. If the technician uses proper techniques to limit your risk of damage, a full set of lash could take around 2 hours to apply. Each lash must be dipped in the semi-permanent glue before it is positioned on your natural lash. This is all done while your eyes remain closed. So with eyelash extensions, faster doesn’t always mean better.

#5: Proper Aftercare keeps the Lashes looking Fresh

After you get your full set of eyelash extensions, you need to take proper care of them. You cannot expose your eyes to heated water or blow dryers for the first 24 hours. This could interfere with the glue and make them come off. In addition, you must avoid rubbing the eyes with your hands or a towel. You should sleep on your sides or back, and avoid using any mascara or oil-based products on the eyes. In addition, do not perm, curl, or tint these lashes.

#6: You need Fill-Ins every 2-3 Weeks

The fill in process is important for maintain the desired look of the eyelashes. Your normal eyelashes fall out, along with the extensions. Therefore, you need to have them filled in every 2-3 week.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Less time and money spent on makeup – Because you won’t need mascara, you save a lot of time getting ready.
  • Comfortable and easy to maintain – The lashes stay on, so you don’t have to worry about losing them, as with strip lashes. In addition, they are comfortable on and do not cause any irritation to the skin.
  • You can enjoy an active lifestyle – The lashes are attached using a bonding glue, so they do not come off. You can go swimming, shower, and participate in sporting activities without fear of losing the lashes.
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