5 Reasons You Should Go Get A Facial

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5 Reasons You Should Go Get A Facial

Many people think of a facial as an indulgence but getting routine facials from a professional esthetician offers so much that it should be a part of routine skin care. Keeping skin healthy, clear and glowing are only a few of the numerous benefits of facials in Phoenix at the leading skin care center, Live Skin. Here are the top reasons why you should have a facial at the hands of a professional.


The best facials in Arizona include exfoliation using ultrasound, microdermabrasion or enzymes. Exfoliation meant specifically for your skin type will smooth the skin, increase cellular turnover, soften lines and correct uneven pigmentation.


Your esthetician will skillfully extract blackheads and impurities and cleanse clogged pores without causing harm to your skin during the best facials in Phoenix.

Intensive Hydration

Your skin needs hydration. Even with oily skin, moisture is required. Hydrated skin is healthy skin and the top facials in Arizona at Live Skin will help regulate the moisture your skin requires.

Stress Release

Aside from the various skin benefits, the best Live Skin facials in Phoenix are extremely relaxing and de-stress you physically and mentally. Stress can lead to unhealthy skin and regular facials can help you de-stress, relax and rejuvenate at the same time.

Pamper Yourself

Facials only require a short duration and give you time to re-energize and clear your mind. With the best facials in Arizona at Live Skin Health and Rejuvenation Center, you can nourish your skin and pamper yourself instantly.

To treat yourself to relaxing facials in Phoenix, call 602-586-1598 or visit liveskinaz.com NOW.

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