4 Superb Reasons to Enroll in a Medical Weight Loss Program

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4 Superb Reasons to Enroll in a Medical Weight Loss Program

The Internet is full of weight loss tips and tricks. Unfortunately, most of them do not yield results because they are not scientifically based. You would either not lose weight with them or gain it right back, sometimes even more than before. That means you need a weight loss method that is designed medically and that can sustain the weight loss without starving you or asking you to do anything that may harm your body.

The answer is Medical Weight Loss. Medical weight loss programs at leading health clinics, such as Live Skin in Phoenix and Tempe, can help you lose weight by targeting the abnormal weight deposits (which are the real culprits) without losing the much needed muscle mass.

Here are the biggest reasons people choose the medical weight loss program.


There are three types of fat in the body:

  • Reserve fat that the body uses for energy when meals are skipped
  • Structural fat that is located between the joints, organs, and bones
  • Abnormal fat or Adipose that is stored up to use in case of starvation

The medical weight loss program mobilizes this abnormal fat that is not healthy for your body.


HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is producedin a pregnant woman’s body to mobilize abnormal fat to nourish the unborn baby. Under medical weight loss Tempe program, HCG is used to unlockcalories and nutrients stored in the adipose tissue.


The HCG is used together with a low calorie diet so that the body can use the mobilized fat and nutrients. It ensures that you lose only the undesired fat deposits and not the precious muscle mass.


The HCG is administered under the skin or into the muscle. You can get the injections at a health clinic or self-inject HCG at home. A nurse can teach you how to administer the shots, as well as how to dispose of used syringes and needles.

To know more about how you can benefit from medical weight loss in Phoenix and Tempe, call Live Skin at 602-586-1598.

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