3 Super Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss

3 Super Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a frustrating struggle. Fad diets and weekend gym trips may help you lose a little weight that comes back even more aggressively the moment you stop them. Live Skin Health and Rejuvenation Center in Tempe helps you lose weight effortlessly with a medical weight loss method devised by a doctor. HCG medical weight loss experts in Phoenix explain why this method scores over any other weight loss option.


Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a glycoprotein that has 244 amino acids. HCG is used for weight loss in Phoenix under medical supervision. There are three types of fat in the body:

  • Reserve fat – used for energy when meals are skipped
  • Structural fat – located between the joints, organs, and bones
  • Abnormal fat – Adipose that is stored up in case of starvation

HCG mobilizes the abnormal fat tissue or adipose tissue.


Under medical weight loss program in Tempe at Live Skin, HCG is used with a low calorie diet to reshape the body. Reducing calories will lower the metabolism, and the body slows down as a survival mechanism. Through the use of HCG, the body releases unlocked calories and nutrients stored in the adipose tissue. This depletes the fat reserve.


The stored fat is released into the bloodstream and provides nutrients and calories to the body so you do not feel hungry. In addition, the HCG injections prevent muscle loss while you diet. The medical weight loss program in Phoenix promotes pure fat loss instead, protecting the patient’s muscle mass.

To find out more about the medical weight loss plan in Tempe, call 602-586-1598 or visit liveskinaz.com NOW.

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